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Tiana Farewell Party

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4 March 2009, there was something different in my apartment kitchen. Many people cooked together. We usually do not cook in the same time. We would have a party because My Friend, Tiana Mola would go to Madagaskar after finishing his research at FZK.

Each person cooked different food. They want to promote the food from their country. I cooked fried rice mixed with shrimp, vegetables and fish. I never cook anything when i was in my country because my wife cooks everything for me. I said to my friends that i am not able to cook anything so that i do not guarantee the taste of the fried rice. In Germany, I always cook instant food such as instant vegetables, instant fish etc.
Tiana cook spagetti mixed with meet. Juanli cooked original noodle from china. Chi Jung had extra spicy meats with eggs. We also invited carolina from brazil but Tiana just invited Carolina on Thursday night so she did not have any time to prepare her cooking.

eventually, we had dinner together at 8.30 pm. There were a lot of food as mentioned above and drink such as, apple, orange, mango juice and bier. I do not drink any alcohol so they asked me first that they want to drink alcohol. I let them drink alcohol but i only drink juice.

First, I taste the original noodle from china which is made by Juan li…wow, it is my first time to taste a strange food from china…the taste like “out of date noodle” :)…sorry Juan li..It is very hard to eat all of the “out of date noodle” ….Finally i gave up…

Carolina eat the spicy meat first, and she shouted woow.. ups she ate the chilly so that she call the food as the devil meet :)…sorry for Chi Jung…The meat is really delicious, but do not try to eat the chilly. It is very spicy.

They try my fried rice which is same with food from Spain (said Carolina). They said that the food is delicious. Frank said that the fried rice is too spicy for him. I bought seasoning sachet from Asialand supermarket.

I tried to eat tiana spaghetti and said to tiana ” I see you cook this food everyday, however i never taste your food until now hehe..while we were eating, we talked about many things. Every person talk about his own country and culture. Finally we talked about religion. some of my friends do not believe in god. It is my first time meet a person who does not believe in god. Frank said that god never comes when needed :(. We tolerate each other so that the discussion goes warmly. Such as Qur’an state that we do not have to force our religion to anyone.

We took some pictures to remember that we have lived together. Goodbye my friend, Tiana, wish you success in your study and career. Give me the news if you become the president of Madagaskar 🙂


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March 9, 2009 at 11:13 pm

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